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So the space is there but it is deeply underused, as are a lot of offices in New York City. The city’s office space is still only about half occupied — way up from the depths of the pandemic, of course. The pandemic has led many people in many countries to leave the area where their office is located, at least temporarily. I asked him if there’s much to be learned from that history. Many predictions about the future of work do lean toward this hybrid model — two or three days in the office, two or three at home. This creates all sorts of coordination and communication and strategic issues to work out.

Get advice on how to apply for remote jobs, build passive income streams, use Linkedin for business, etc. The Remote Show is an interesting interview-style podcast dedicated to all things remote. It is hosted by Tyler Sellhorn, a remote working advocate and technologist. You can listen to interviews with CEOs, founders, and employees of remote companies and learn from their stories and experiences.

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With over 3,000 episodes to choose from, this podcast is a must-listen for aspiring digital nomads looking to learn from the best so plug in and ignite your entrepreneurial fire today. My Most Authentic Life highlights the journeys of bold and brave individuals who have chosen to blaze their own trails, inspiring and empowering listeners to create a digital nomad life that is true to their unique selves. Host Fede Vargas celebrates his own transformational journey, reflecting on his career break and years spent in the corporate world before his life was upended by a layoff and the pandemic. Through a thoughtful blend of travel, wellness, and mindset exploration with guest interviews, this podcast explores the full spectrum of authenticity. In each episode of the Location Indie podcast, seasoned travelers Jason Moore and Travis Sherry provide a raw and honest take on the realities of remote work, lifestyle businesses, online businesses, travel, and life design. If you’re looking to start an online business or land remote jobs at various places, the Digital Nomad Cafe is the podcast for you.

And he shares inspirational insights on failure and success in the remote work world. Promoted by Harvard Business Review, Women at Work focuses on women’s workplace challenges. From gender discrimination to maternity leave, it’s one of the best work-from-home https://remotemode.net/blog/8-remote-work-podcasts-to-check-out-if-you-wfh/ mom podcasts. Hosted by Laura McClellan, The Productive Woman is for busy women seeking advice to balance their work and family life. And sharing stresses and challenges, the podcast supports women to accomplish the goal of maintaining a healthy life balance.

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Use Slack chats and things like that if you miss real-time interaction. “To be able to see the person you’re talking to I think is important,” says Matthew Hollingsworth, who heads operations at Tiny Boards, a company that has several job boards for remote work. Here are some pro-tips for working remotely, possibly for an extended period of time. We’ve also got episodes on health precautions you can take (like washing your hands!) and one about keeping kids entertained and active during all the school closures.

You can listen to their inspiring stories and learn about various initiatives and resources in the tech industry. Building Remotely is hosted by SafetyWing CEO and co-founder Sondre Rasch – an insurance company for nomads. Using his expertise in remote teams, the host interviews several professionals to manage distributed teams. So, Hosts Naresh Vissa and Adam Schroeder are both founders of remote media businesses.